Carpal Tunnel Complications And Surgery: I was in ICU, under anesthesia for three days. When I came to. My left hand skin felt like it was glued to my muscle. An orthopedist said I had severe carpal tunnel. A month after CTS surgery I still feel the same.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a neurological affliction, which is characterized by symptoms like paresthesia (sensation of numbness, burning, tingling, and pricking) and pain along the carpel tunnel area. The affliction is usually caused by compression of the median nerve that runs along the carpel tunnel. The compression of the median tunnel, in turn, is caused by a variety of factors like genetic makeup, obesity, trauma, hypothyroidism, arthritis, and work-related factors like posture.

Some of the carpel tunnel complications are pain and numbness along the median nerve and inflexibility of wrist. The best and most commonly used treatment to cure carpel tunnel syndrome is surgery. However, surgery doesn't work well for all patients. Some of the factors that determine the success of surgery are as follows:

  • Having a general healthy state of body
  • Treatment of the disease within 3 years of diagnosis of the affliction
  • Slow nerve conduction results, but considerable muscle strength before surgery
  • Symptoms of the affliction are severe at night than during the day.

The usual carpel tunnel surgery recovery time is about a month, and in certain cases, it may take up to 10 months. However, the patients are advised to not take any strain for a considerable amount of time. If you resume the work immediately after surgery, the symptoms may return. However, there are certain complications associated with carpel tunnel syndrome. Some of the prime post carpel tunnel surgery complications are as under:

  • Temporary nerve damage leading to numbness and tingles in the afflicted parts
  • Pain and stiffness
  • Scarring and infection
  • Temporary loss of wrist strength

Some patients do not get rid of the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome and as such, they may have to undergo repeated surgical treatments. The major causes of failure of carpel tunnel surgery are incomplete release of ligament, extensive scarring and certain other medical disorders.

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