Carpal tunnel surgery With latent tuberculosis

Some cases of tuberculosis presenting with Carpal Tunnel like symptoms have been observed in medical history. Carpal Tunnel syndrome may be secondary to to tuberculous tenosynovitis in some cases. Perhaps you should speak to your health care provider about whether the Carpal Tunnel syndrome is related in some way to the tuberculosis. This is an area in which only your health care provider can guide you.

If you know for a fact that you have tuberculosis, we can recommend certain remedies to aid in healing and recuperation, but these must be undertaken under medical advice:

  • Taking a probiotic supplement: Alternatively you can eat lots of yogurt. Yoghurt also contains calcium which is also good for you.
  • Taking a Vitamin supplement: Some studies show that Vitamin C does reduce the duration and frequency of certain kinds of infections and is also thought to boost immunity. Some anti-tuberculosis medications deplete the levels of pyridoxine ( Vitamin B6) in the body, so replenishing it may be good for you
  • Taking a silica supplement: Some TB patients show loss of silica in their bones. To replenish take a tablespoon of horsetail juice every day.
  • Taking a garlic supplement: Garlic is a good antibacterial agent and will help in long term relief and prevention of recurrence. Garlic also promotes intestinal health.

Some measures to help prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Try and rest your fingers between repetitive movements.
  • Take a break and rotate your wrists every now and then.
  • Try doing all activities with minimum impact.
  • Try using voice recognition software if you have to do a lot of typing

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