Sores or ulcers on the vagina are more common than you think and are not a cause for embarrassment. What is important is that you note any accompanying symptoms, as this will help your doctor reach the proper diagnosis.

Vaginal sores may or may not be preceded by itching of the vulva and vaginal lips. Some causes of feminine itching include wearing a wet swimsuit or underwear for long periods of time, the use of synthetic underwear, excessive sweating in the genital region, tight clothing, having your period, using sanitary pads or tampons, as an allergic reaction against soaps, fragrances or detergent used, vaginal dryness, sexual activity and as a reaction against certain types of condoms or contraceptive devices.

If your vaginal sores are accompanied by a foul smelling vaginal discharge and a fishy odor, the cause of the sore may be due to a yeast infection. Genital herpes also causes small sores or blisters around the vaginal lips along with symptoms such as abdominal pain, joint and muscle pain, fever and swollen glands. There are times when rough sexual intercourse or some form of injury may also lead to vaginal sores. Irrespective of the symptoms, consult with your doctor or gynecologist at the earliest. In case of sores caused by STDs, it is important to get the condition diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Home Remedies for Vaginal Sores

If the vaginal sore is causing too much pain or interfering with urinating, there are a number of natural cures you can try out to reduce the size of the sore and provide pain relief. Popular home remedies for vaginal sores include:

  • Apply a warm compress to the area to reduce the inflammation but make sure you wipe the area dry after the treatment to prevent further infection
  • Sit in a sitz bath of warm water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar added. The anti-bacterial properties of apple cider vinegar help cure the infection and reduce the sore
  • Boil a few cloves of garlic with olive oil and apply this pack to the affected area to reduce infection
  • After treatment, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the sore to help it heal faster
  • Baking soda paste applied to the sore will help dry the sore up and decrease itching
Some other tips to prevent vaginal sores are:

  • Keep the area clean and dry
  • Wash with a mild unscented soap and avoid fragrances and harsh detergents
  • Do not douche
  • Stay away from synthetic underwear and tight clothing
  • Refrain from sexual intercourse until the cause of the sore is diagnosed

answered by G R

Treatment for sore -

1.Keep the part clean by washing with an antiseptic solution.Dry it with

soft cotton napkin .

2.You may apply any aloe or arnica montana based cream.

3.Take a homeopathic remedy like calc sulph 30 c 5 pills 2 times daily

for 3 days.Then wait and watch for 15 days after stopping .



answered by D M K

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