Itchy Leg Rash Causes And Swelling: My Daughter Is 11 And She Broke Out With A Rash And Her Legs Turned Blue? Please Help.

Children can break out into rashes for any number of reasons. It is extremely important that before you try to seek a remedy of any kind to take care of your daughter's rashes, you should get a handle on the reason she has broken out into these rashes in the first place. This will not only make finding a solution easier, it will also ensure that you find a solution that will actually work. Rashes can sometimes occur due to an injury of some sort. If this is the case, you should concentrate on healing the injury and the rash will take care of itself. Sometimes, allergies can also be the cause of a sudden appearance of rashes. In this case, you would have to seek medical advice on how to proceed. If the allergen causing the rashes in a common one, treatment becomes simpler. However, if the child is allergic to something like a material or some kind of cream or lotion, then the problem becomes more complicated to handle, and would certainly require medical assistance.

Sometimes, some medicines also react badly with people and cause rashes in unlikely areas. Check to see if this is the problem. If it is, then you can ask the doctor who has prescribed the medication to suggest an alternative. Acne could also be a cause of rashes. Although it is highly unlikely that acne will cause the kind of rashes you are describing, but it is always wiser not to rule out anything at all. Although it is quite rare, sometimes rashes can also occur because the person has touched a plant or some other substance. In this case again, medical advice is the best thing to do, as an incorrect suggestion can only make the situation worse. In any or all of the cases, if the rashes are causing excessive burning or itching, you can apply simple ice packs to take care of the situation.

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