Is cranberry juice good for kidney problems?

Remedies on kidney problems -

Kidney problems are life threatening and calls for immediate attention. Stone in the kidney is a commonly experienced problem and can be relieved to a certain extent by drinking two ounces of lime juice. This helps by flushing out the toxins and stones. An equal mixture of olive oil and lime juice also works. Adequate amount of water and other fluids is an effective method of dissolving stones. Intake of fresh vegetables and fruits are recommended. Care is taken to avoid oxalate containing foods, as oxalate stones are the most common form of oxalate stones. Meat and fishes are also avoided, as they contain purine and trigger uric acid crystals. Regular exercise aids in pushing out the stones. I am not sure about the effect of cranberry juice, though lime juice is effective. Vitamin B6 is potent fighters of renal stones. It helps by preventing the accumulation of oxalates. Inadequate calcium in the diet also helps. Magnesium in whole whet bread proves beneficial. Dietary fiber in oat bran is good at alleviating oxalate and calcium in the urine. Herbal teas, such as nettle leaf tea act as diuretics and help in relief from stones. Regular exercise is an effective remedy for all kinds of ailments. Caffeinated beverages are better avoided, as they dehydrate, thereby enhancing stone formation. Refined and simple sugars are taken less, as an increased intake results in other complications, which in turn trigger kidney problems.

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