Information on how to remove kidney stone

If you wish to get rid of kidney stones from your body non-invasively, the best way is to follow a proper course of Ayurvedic treatment for this. Only this ancient Indian science offers a course of medication which will dissolve your kidney stones and reduce them to a size whereby they will be flushed out of your kidneys via urine. The remedies are not only completely painless, they are also very easy to follow. It is always wiser to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner before you begin treatment. The doctor will give you not only the course of medication you have to take, but also the entire diet plan that has to be closely followed during the course of the entire treatment.

Some generic guidelines are provided to help you out. In order to get rid of kidney stones and to maintain a healthy pair of kidneys, you must drink freshly squeezed juice of celery and asparagus. These two are considered to be the most useful medicinal herb and vegetable respectively in treating any kind of problem with kidneys. The juices of radish and cucumber are also considered to be very effective in helping to dissolve kidney stones. Both white and red radishes should be consumed generously, as these will also contribute to cleansing and therefore maintaining a clean set of kidneys. Also remember that you must drink plenty of water and also urinate frequently, as this is important to keep your kidneys clean. Cranberries are also considered very useful in getting rid of kidney stones. If you can find the fruit fresh, you can eat it liberally. If not, juice is also equally good to keep the kidneys flushed and cleansed. Another solution is also to drink club soda, as the carbonation in the drink is considered to be very useful in cleansing your kidneys and also dissolving stones.

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