What action would you take for someone with a mild obstruction of the throat?

There could be a lot of causes for obstruction of throat. Enlarged glands, abnormal growths, and tumors are some of the causes of throat obstruction. If these are the causes of throat obstruction, you may need to get medically examined. Home remedies can be used in case you have an obstruction in the throat due to a foreign object lodged in the opening of the throat. Home remedies can also be used when there is excess mucus in the throat.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Drink lots of fluids. Water and juices without any pulp, can help you push the foreign object lodged in your throat further down, into your stomach, from where it is passed to the intestines and excreted from the body. You can consume hot beverages such as green tea. Avoid milky beverages and coffee. Also avoid drinking alcohol. The simplest thing to do will be to consume hot water.
  • The aim for any home remedy here is to dislodge the foreign object and move it down the alimentary canal. Whip a raw egg and consume it with water or warm milk. The egg lines the esophagus and makes it easier for the foreign object to move down the alimentary canal and be expelled out of the body.
  • Boil a cup of rice in excess water and cook it to a sticky consistency. Consume this rice slowly. The object will move down your throat and into your stomach. The object will then be excreted.
  • You can also move the object lodged into your throat using a piece of banana. Eat a banana slowly, till you feel the lodged substance move in the throat. Let the object slide down your throat. You can also use a large piece of bread instead, but be sure to chew very slowly.

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