Clear Throat Obstruction & Food Stuck in the Throat: My mother has what appears to be a vein running down the center of her throat. However, it's bone white and it feels like it's choking her. Can you tell me what it could be?

A throat obstruction is something we always dread. And everyone will agree to the fact that it's the worse thing that can ever happen at a dinner party or a luncheon or especially when one's alone at home. Your throat gets obstructed and thus you start to choke when matter such as chicken bones or fish bones get stuck in the portion around the larynx. And once stuck there, they might end up crushing the trachea and lead to breathlessness.

If it's food that has got stuck in the throat, the best way to deal with it is to use raw egg. Crack open a raw egg in a cup and get yourself to gulp it down. It has been widely observed to deal with throat obstruction and clears the throat instantly. You can also try lumps of boiled rice. Boiled rice sticks onto the obstructing matter and pulls it down the throat and into the stomach. Bread too is known to help. Taken in sufficient amount, bread acts the same way as rice does and pulls the matter into the stomach. However, if the throat still does not clear up and the person is starting to turn black and blue, just don't waste time running for another remedy. Dial your family physician or better still, just rush the person concerned to the hospital.

answered by G R

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