I am a MBBS student. I am feeling itching, discomfort, pain in the rectum for many months. But there's no blood. It is severe when I suffer from peptic ulcer or stomach problem. Is it piles? What should I do?

Yes, this condition can be the initial stage of piles. You should take immediate steps to get rid of such symptoms before it gets too severe. There is no blood as you said; this is because it is just the beginning of the condition. Being an MBBS student, you must know that piles occur when there is swelling in the veins around the rectum or anal passage. The root cause of this problem is constipation. While passing hard stools, the delicate rectum veins get hurt and swell up as a result. Bleeding occurs in later stages when the swollen veins get ruptured while passing the stools. This is the most severe phase of piles and is extremely painful.

Since in your case it is just the beginning, you can take the following steps to ease the signs and symptoms of piles:
  • Fill a small round tub with warm water and sit it in for 15–20 minutes. Doing this twice a day will give you considerable relief. This is one of the easiest and most effective home remedies for getting immediate relief from piles symptoms.
  • Consume two teaspoons of mango seed powder twice a day with water. This is also a very effective home remedy for piles.
  • Eat at least one medium-sized ripe guava in the evening, and you must chew the seeds properly. This greatly helps in curing constipation and hence, gradually the piles symptoms are also diminished.
  • Eat a ripe papaya one hour after lunch every day. Papain enzymes in papaya help in curing the disorders of your digestive system as well as the problem of constipation, thus giving relief from piles symptoms.
  • Drink two teaspoons of bitter gourd leaves juice in the morning, and apply the leaves paste around the rectum. This is also a very good home remedy.
Since the problem has persisted for four months, it is advisable that you consult a doctor even though there is no bleeding. Itching around the anus, especially at night, could also be indicative of worms in the stomach and intestines and this will require medical treatment.

answered by G R

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