Advice regarding chronic non specific colitis

Chronic non-specific colitis refers to a group of digestive disorders which lead to stomach pain and bleeding from the rectum. Colitis is classified as non-specific when the exact type of colitis or the exact cause cannot be determined. Some of the symptoms of chronic non-specific colitis include abdominal pain, fecal incontinence and blood in the stools. It may not be possible to determine the causes of chronic non-specific colitis and hence there may not be any sure methods of curing it. However it is possible to alleviate the symptoms by making certain changes in the diet.

  • Symptoms of colitis can be kept in check by following a balanced diet. Individuals who experience digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease may suffer from poor absorption of nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies are likely to be more serious in case the diet is not wholesome. Therefore it is important to incorporate a variety of foods in the diet. It is also advisable to discuss the intake of nutritional supplements with your doctor.
  • Many individuals with colitis symptoms experience food intolerances. Due to the poor functioning of the digestive tract, certain food such as wheat or dairy may lead to indigestion. It is important to avoid consumption of such foods.
  • Processed and refined foods such as white bread, white rice and white pastas should not be part of the diet for colitis. It is also advisable to avoid foods that contain high amounts of seasoning and sodium. Alcohol, tea and coffee are also best avoided.
  • Ripe bananas are known to be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of colitis. They are bland and can be digested easily. Due to their mild laxative properties, they help in regulating bowel movements.
  • Coconut water is also helpful in treating colitis symptoms and may be consumed 3 to 4 times each day.

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