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There is no mention of a reason for your fat lip. The natural reason would possibly be an injury of some kind that has led to your condition. In such cases, cold packs made with ice wrapped in a cloth are very effective in providing relief from the swelling and pain. Pain killers have a general tendency to slow down the healing process by reducing the flow of blood to the injury area. It is best to avoid them if you can. Instead, concentrate on natural pain-killers such as papaya and pineapple. These will help to fight the pain naturally.

Within 24 hours after you have been injured, it is better to use a warm compress rather than a cold pack. The warmth will help cleanse the injury and disperse the blood pooling there. After a day, you can use cold compresses. Arnica oil is also a very effective measure to soothe such injuries. You can also apply Witch Hazel to the area. This is a natural soother and will help in speeding up the process of healing tremendously. Squeeze out the juice from a grated potato and apply it on the lip. This will help heal it. You can also rub castor oil on the wound to reduce swelling. Applying olive oil will help in healing.

answered by G R

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