what to eat and what to avoid in ulcer colitis. this deasese is last april 2006 to as on today. so pls guid a eating and treatments

It is very important to take charge of your diet when it comes to treating ulcerative colitis. Your appetite is already at stake due to the bouts of diarrhea and pain, thus quality of food plays a major role in the healing part.

Remember the following natural tips to cure ulcerative colitis -

  • Have small, soft and less spicy meals to relax the colon.
  • Mark the foods which causes problem, can maintain a dairy for the same for example if milk or some vegetable causes problems always after consumption then avoid it for some time. But if it is for the first time then you can retest it later. Also only avoid milk and not all the milk products and a particular vegetable and not all leafy vegetables (can take milk in cooked form or some other form, don't completely eliminate it from the diet).
  • The soluble fiber from apples that is pectin has a soothing effect on the colon. However do not eat the skin and seeds.
  • Avoid raw salads, dried fruits and other fruits with skin.
  • Before starting any new medication consult your specialist as certain medications can cause inflammation of the intestinal lining.

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answered by Dr S

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