Tips to Get Big Claf Muscles

Calf muscles are one of the toughest muscles to work on in the body. These muscles, which are naturally tough because of our daily activities like standing and walking, are difficult to increase in size and volume because they are already large enough to support our weight. Building the muscles in the calf requires very intensive training and a lot of rigorous exercising combined with a high protein, healthy diet. You may have to train a little bit harder to develop your calf muscles. Structuring an exercise regimen for it can help you achieve your aim. The first step in this direction is to improve your stamina and endurance. However, since these exercises are rigorous, it is important to give some rest to the muscles in between the sets so that you do not end up straining them too much. If you do not allow your calf muscles to rest in between the sets, you may damage them permanently.

As a basic calf-building Exercise, get yourself a foot block and an overhead bar. Install the overhead bar and place a foot block on the floor under it. Now place the balls of your feet on it. Stand with your legs apart and toes pointed forward. Reach the overhead bar and start pulling your weight up keeping your knees straight. Slowly release your weight and lower yourself to end up on the tips of your toes. Now lower your heels to the floor, allowing the calf muscles to stretch as much as they can. Repeat this exercise five times and then take a break. This particular set will help you firm and tone your calf muscles. Perform one set everyday to get the maximum benefit. This will also build up stamina and make the calves resistant to the more strenuous exercises that will follow.

For the next exercise too, you will need a foot block. Keep something in front of you, at an arms length to support your body weight. You will also need another person for this exercise, so you may ask a friend to help you out. Place your toes on the block once again with your feet wide apart. Bend over and rest both your hands on the support. Ask your friend to climb over you and sit on your back just the way one would ride a horse. Now slowly lower your heels and stretch the calf muscles. Hold this pose for a few seconds and ask your friend to get off from your back. Now slowly go back onto your toes. Repeat this five times and then take a break.

answered by G M

  • Walking is the best solution to get big calf muscles. Walk 20 thousand steps. This is approximately 1 hour of brisk walking daily early in the morning to get fresh air and full day's energy.
  • Take phytolacca 200 a great homeopathic remedy. Take 5 pills once at bed time daily for 10 days. Then wait for 10 days and again take the same for another 10 days.
  • Good stretching is very important before walking and after walking.
  • Swimming with front crawl is very good for biceps and calf muscles.

answered by D M K

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