The knee problem is very common for the senior citizens. Muscles are become very weak. How to strenthen the muscles and how make the knee work well.

Try the following home remedies to ease your joint pain condition -

  • Mix clove oil with coconut oil in equal proportions and rub or massage it gently over the knee area that is in pain. This will help relieve the knee pain.
  • Try to lose weight if you are above your ideal body weight. Excess weight puts excess pressure on your knees and can also be responsible for muscle pains.
  • Ginger has good pain killing properties use it liberally in your diet.
  • If the knee pain is too severe then apply ice over the pain. Ice will act as local anesthetic and help relieve the pain by improving blood circulation.
  • Exercise. Keep yourself moving and be physically active to avoid muscles to become weak.

If other joints in the body are also in pain then consult a specialist to know the exact cause and the treatment would follow accordingly.

answered by Dr S

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