What can I use for my 1 year old son's umbilical hernia?

Umbilical hernia is formed when a portion of the intestine bulges out of the abdominal muscle opening. The growing fetus in the womb has an abdominal muscle opening through which the umbilical cord passes and connects the baby to the mother. After birth this opening normally closes as the child grows, but in some cases the opening does not close and a part of the intestine juts out of the opening causing a hernia.     

If the belly button bulges out when the infant is crying, it is a classic indication of an umbilical hernia. Umbilical hernia in infants is very common and normally it is not a serious condition at all. Most umbilical hernias heal on their own by 12-18 months of age but some take longer to cure.

At times the pediatrician may be able to push back the protrusion during a check-up. However this treatment should not be tried at home. If the hernia does not heal by the age of 3, then surgery may be recommended to avoid any complications.

Normally surgery for children is recommended under the following circumstances:

  • If hernia is painful
  • If it is larger than half an inch in diameter
  • If it does not heal on its own by the age of 3
  • If it gets stuck or obstructs the intestine
Usually it is a minor surgery and the child can go home within a couple of hours, but premature infants or children with other medical conditions may be required to stay through the night for observation.

Surgery is the only recommended option for umbilical hernia in children, if it does not heal on its own. As per old folk remedies, hernia can be treated and pushed down with the help of a band or by fastening a coin (or something round) over the bulge. However, this is just a myth and this may in fact cause complications or cause an infection due to germ buildup under the coin or round object.

However, care can be taken to avoid constipation, as constipation will only add pressure on the abdominal wall, causing the child further distress. This can be done by providing the child adequate amount of water and fluids, and also foods rich in fiber.

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answered by M W

Health advice on umbilical hernia:

Since your child is still 1 year old do not worry at all .Let him grow .By 4

-5 years usually this hernia dissolves and the umbilicus returns to

normalcy .

You may just put a good padding pushing the intestines inwards

deeply .

answered by D M K

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