Mens Health

by Sam Malone

Men’s health covers the prevention of physical abnormalities and conditions that weakens and prevents the male body from providing its basic roles to the human body. The concept of men’s health implies that man has the natural inclination towards a healthy system. However, without sufficient knowledge and understanding on health hazards regarding the maintenance of a healthy body, man is likely to stray from the natural tendency towards maintaining a healthy body. Nursing care has taken the revolutionary stand of assuming the task of providing the necessary knowledge about health hazards to empower males to make decisions on maintaining a healthy body as well as the traditional role of providing care for male ailing patients with health problems.

According to a recent report, hair loss, jock itch, inguinal hernia, epididymitis are underestimated as some of the causes of several types of mens health issues. Prostate cancer, on the other hand, is the primary topic regarding mens sexual health. This is in light of the increasing rate of mens health issues in both developed and developing countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported hair loss, jock itch, inguinal hernia, epididymitis as the causes of related deaths among men. However, moderate exercise and healthy diet is considered to have prevented disease related deaths among men.

More and more males are affected by these mens health issues. This can be attributed to the increasing consumption of males of unhealthy foods like soda and junk foods. Along with these are the decreasing physical activities which the males engage in. With so many other things that can be done by males while sitting – like playing games on the computer – the males of today are deprived of the exercise they needed. This epidemic of prostate cancer is indeed undoubtedly due to the increasing abundance of high-energy foods especially fatty foods and sedentary lifestyles.

The direct relationship of unhealthy lifestyle and conditions such as hair loss, jock itch, inguinal hernia and epididymitis determines a male’s risk of developing these medical conditions. Increasing the level of unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of developing diseases. Having an unhealthy lifestyle is the primary cause of these ailments among males. Men who have ailments are more likely to suffer from low self esteem once they get older. Also, there are other serious health problems that can get complicated in males with various diseases. Males with health problems would be more prone to developing diabetes and heart diseases.

Governments have already made programs in the local and national levels in order to help men maintain a healthy lifestyle. These programs call for help from all other organizations – public and private – to help in the advocacy towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Strategies in maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes programs especially those which teaches and encourages men to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. These are very effective in making the males aware of the negative consequences of unhealthy lifestyles or having too little exercise in the process of maintaining and sustaining a healthy body.

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