Treatment of pruritus ani

Not many people are aware of the condition pruritus ani and therefore most people would also be unaware of pruritus ani treatment. The anus is the opening at the bottom end of the digestive system that is used to expel waste. Digestion begins when food is passed into the mouth. Food is processed and moves into the stomach. Here, digestive acids and enzymes break the food down into a substance that can be easily absorbed. Absorption of nutrients takes place in the intestinal system. Food processing continues to take place at this stage. When food is absorbed, waste materials are left behind in the intestinal system. These wastes pass into the large intestine and then, finally, out of the body. The expulsion of waste occurs through the process of defecation which takes place through the anus. Waste disposal can take place at any time of day. Most people form a habit and tend to defecate once a day during the morning hours. However, when there is a digestive problem, the individual may not be able to regulate defecation so effectively.

Pruritus ani is a condition where the area around the anus becomes itchy. This itchiness is uncomfortable and makes the individual want to scratch the area. Pruritus ani can occur at any time of day when an individual is affected by the condition. A person suffering from pruritus ani will often need to visit the bathroom the wash the area so that the itching subsides temporarily. Pruritus ani symptoms are limited to itching in the anal area. One of the subsequent symptoms that may occur is that of burning. This occurs if the area has been aggressively scratched.

There are many causes of itching that affect the anal area. The anus is dealing with waste products on a daily basis. These wastes may contain irritants that can affect the skin of the area. Furthermore, people may be excessively aggressive while cleaning the anal area. This is particularly true of people who use dry tissues to clean the area. These tissues may be abrasive to the surface of the anus, thus damaging the anal lining. People suffering from digestive disorders tend to defecate regularly. These people are more likely to suffer from pruritus ani. The above mentioned causes of itching do not include every single cause of the problem. There are, possibly, many other conditions that can cause anal itching. One of the important causes of itching is a worm problem. Parasitic worms may infest the digestive system. These worms use the anal area as a location to lay their eggs. This process may be listed amongst causes of an itching anus.

An individual with pruritus ani will seek itch relief. There are many different anal itching remedies that can be applied to an individual. Some of the common anal itching remedies include alterations in the manner in which the area is cleaned. Cleaning of the anus should be done with gentle, continuous washing with cool or lukewarm water. Aggressive rubbing and scratching should be completely avoided. The area should also be dried by dabbing it with toilet paper. Once again, rubbing should be avoided. If these anal itching remedies fail to work, the patient may have to visit a doctor for a consultation. The doctor may be able to provide some relief in the form of medication that will ease the condition. Such medications include topical applications to soothe the area. Pruritus ani treatment is a long term process as the condition usually does not resolve quickly. Individuals who suffer from worm infestations will require de-worming therapy as part of pruritus ani treatment. De-worming treatment will require you to consult a doctor. Individuals with worm infestations may suffer from other digestive symptoms as well.

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