I am looking for a treatment for pityriasis rosca. Pl help

Health advice on pityriasis rosca

Pityriasis rosco is a condition that affects the skin of an individual. A person suffering from this usually develops a rash on his torso, neck and legs. Sometimes this rash appears as a patch of skin that looks scaly and itches. The first patch that heralds the arrival of Pityriasis rosco is usually large and pink colored. This is soon followed by other patches. However, the initial patch can often be mistaken for a ringworm infection. That is why you should visit the doctor at once since you will require an accurate diagnosis. Although Pityriasis rosco is caused by a viral infection, what is interesting is that it does not spread through contamination.

Since the skin around the rash is sensitive, it may be irritated by using soaps that have a very strong smell. Try to avoid using anything with a very strong smell. Instead use face and hair products that have been shown to have fewer chemicals. If the skin shows signs of becoming dry, you can certainly use a gentle moisturizing cream on your skin. Instead of your customary hot water bath or shower, remember to use only lukewarm water.
The patches caused by the infection usually remain for six weeks though in some cases these symptoms stay on a little longer.

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