Home remedy for Pityriasis Rosea

  1. They are macular papular eruptions on the trunk and the extremities.
  2. Take to hydrotherapy. Drink 3-4 glasses of water every hour and its necessary to urinate regularly.
  3. Take a homeopathic remedy called Sulphur 200 5 pills once at bed time for 3 nights. Then stop this medicine and wait for 10 days. See the effective cure. If the eruptions are still present, then after 10 days take a single powder dose of Sulphur 1m. Then follow up with a bio chemic remedy containing a mixture of equal number of tablets of Calcarea phos 3x, silicea 3x and kali mur 3x. Take 5 tablets of this mixture for 1month.
  4. Refrain from eating fatty, oily and non-vegetarian foods for 3 months.

answered by D M K

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