I have small, unseen bumps under the skin on a palm and on the bottom of a foot. These are not painful or irritating but I can feel them if i run my finger across them. Any ideas?

There are different skin conditions that can lead to bumps under the skin such as lipomas, cysts, acne, dermatofibromas or cherry angiomas.

The main thing to remember that while under-the-skin bumps are not painful or dangerous, you need to rule out cancer and identify what is causing these skin bumps. There are a variety of health problems that can cause these bumps.

Lipomas are, by far, the most common cause for under skin growths. Lipomas are basically fat deposits. Cysts are similar lumps. Cysts can occasionally be fluid filled and change sizes as well. Sebaceous cyst is one such formation. This cyst occurs when oil pores get clogged. These cysts could develop into cystic acne.

If you notice these lumps changing color and becoming hard or brownish in color, these could be dermatofibromas. These lumps tend to contain scar tissue. Cherry angiomas are bright, red and hard lumps that can vary and change in size.

Ill-fitting footwear can also lead to bumps under the skin. It’s important to keep hands and feet healthy and if these bumps are bothering you, you must identify the cause of these bumps. For instance, patients with diabetes need to take good care of their feet. They should ensure that their feet stay injury and bump free. Ill-fitting footwear can result in hard calluses which cause bumps under the toes.

Either way, whatever the cause of the bumps, you need to seek treatment accordingly. If you are seeing new bumps appear on the underside of the foot rapidly, you should seek an appointment with a doctor. Plantar fibromas are common, benign tumours that occur. If its dermatitis, your doctor could suggest some skin remedies including special baths for your feet. If the bumps are due to calluses and bad footwear, you might need to seek podiatric help to get proper shoes and adequate support. Cysts, lipomas and fibromas, all can be drained, if need be or even surgically removed. It also makes sense to get them tested for cancer, though they do not usually turn cancerous. There is always a cosmetic treatment option for all manner of bumps and these can be removed if you do not like how they look. If lumps are being regularly treated or drained and they return, then you need to get a detailed check up done because it could mean a larger health issue that is not being addressed.

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answered by G R

  1. These bumps may be kelloidal skin or hyperkeratic skin, glandular swellings.
  2. They may be lymphatic gland malfunctioning and accumulation.
  3. Do the 7 Yoga pranayams early in the morning regularly. The 7 pranayams are bhastrika, kapalbhaati, bhayye, agnisaar, anulom vilom, bhaamri and udgeet.
  4. Take a homeopathic remedy called Merc sol 30 5 pills once bed at bed time for 5 days. Then stop it and wait for 1 month.

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