I recently had my second session of IPL on my bikini area. This one left me with red, itchy bumps. There's no puss, just red itchy bumps. How can I treat this without leaving any scars or irritating my skin even more?

In order to take care of this situation in the best possible way, the most preferable thing for you is to go right back to the person who has administered the IPL treatment to you and request an examination. Since the technology is relatively new, it is imperative that you seek remedial measures only from those who have some element of knowledge about the procedure. Keep in mind that there may be certain reactions and changes that may occur in your body due to the new procedure and this may cause red bumps. However, if the bumps are as benign as you are describing, then you can adopt some simple routines to relieve yourself of the discomfort caused by them. The first thing is that you can apply fresh and cool yogurt to your bumps. Yogurt is a cooling agent that will bring down your itching almost at once. It is also a general mild healer that can help to take care of the redness. You can also use calamine lotion to soothe your redness and itching. Calamine lotion is a cooling agent that will absorb excess heat from the surface of your skin and will render it cool. If you cannot find calamine lotion, you can also use calendula. Both these products will have the same effect. They will also help to soothe your skin considerably. You can also make a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply this to the entire irritated area. Sandalwood has cooling properties that will help to take care of the itchiness. It also has certain healing properties which will help you along considerably. You can also apply crushed rose petals to the area for soothing as well as mild healing. This is a benign product that will not have any adverse or dire side effects.

To take care of healing your bumps, you can apply a paste made of turmeric powder and clarified butter. The anti septic properties of turmeric will help to heal your bumps quite quickly. Sometimes, using a product like plain petroleum jelly will also help to cure the itchy red bumps. If none of the other remedies work for you, you could try this simple and effective one as well. The only advantage of working with natural remedies as opposed to creams and lotions is that you do not have to contend with the danger of side effects of any kind that may damage you more.

answered by G M

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