How long does it take for the average hair to grow?

Hair growth is primarily dependent on its normal healthy functioning and structure. The structure of hair can be split into two parts, i.e. the non living part which is the visible part projected out from the skin of the scalp and the other part which is living but remains hidden beneath the skin of the scalp.

There are specific functions that need to be performed by each of these parts in addition to being an integral constituent of the hair growth cycles. Hair on the scalp has different periods of growth and rest. However, growth of hair normally averages about half an inch per month. The average individual's scalp contains about 100,000 - 150,000 hairs. Each of these hairs has an average life of 3 or 4 years after which they shed naturally. This would mean that if you were to shave your head and then let your hair grow again, without ever trimming it, the hair would grow to about six inches long over the period of one year.

Cell division is normally responsible for the hair growth cycle where the new cells push out the hair further to make it appear longer in addition to facilitating the addition of new hair at the root. Under normal circumstances, every individual loses up to 100 hairs daily. Each fallen hair is replaced by new hair and baldness occurs when this process is not completed.

Hair goes through three phases of growth during its lifetime. These are the anagen, the telogen and the catagen. The anagen is known as the first phase during which new hair grows in the hair bulb. This phase lasts from two to eight years. In the catagen phase which follows the anagen, hair stops growing due to the stoppage of cell division. This phase is also known as the transitional phase. The telogen is considered to be the final phase where new hair starts growing in the papilla and the old hair falls away. The telogen phase may last from two to four months. It is important to note that hair grows at the same pace all over the head. There is no visible difference between the fringe, nape and crown. It is possible that you may believe that your fringes grow faster than the hair on the other parts of your scalp. This is merely an illusion. Fringes are normally cut just above the eyebrows and therefore even the slightest growth will be instantly noticed. Remember to follow a healthy balanced diet as this is instrumental in ensuring rich and healthy hair growth.

answered by G M

Hair growth

  1. For the average hair it takes somewhere between 2-5 months to grow.
  2. The hair growth varies with gender. In females it is slower than in males.
  3. Again it depends on heredity. If parents have a typical pattern and good hair growth and dense thick hair, it's possible their children may also have a similar hair growth pattern.
  4. In males who use razors, the hair growth on scalp as well as beard area becomes denser and grows faster.

answered by D M K

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