Natural home remedy for hair growth

Hair generally grows at the rate of half an inch a month and unfortunately, there is no method to make accelerate its growth. However, there are various things that can hamper the growth process and so by eradicating them you can have your hair grow at its optimum growth level.

A poor diet will definitely decelerate hair growth. Your hair requires an essential amount of nutrients to ensure normal growth. Make sure that your daily diet includes raw vegetables and fruits. Hair is made up of keratin which is a protein and so protein is obviously essential for hair growth. Eggs, beans, soy etc. are good as sources of protein. Zinc and Biotin are two of the most important requirements for hair growth. You can also take multivitamin tablets to ensure that you get your required nutrients daily.

Every strand of hair on your head begins at the papilla which receives its nourishment through blood vessels. Therefore it is essential that you have a regular exercise schedule to ensure that your system is not sluggish and that your hair is receiving the nutrients it requires. In addition to this, massaging your scalps helps to promote circulation. Stress and certain strong medications often hamper hair growth.

answered by G M

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