I have watery eyes that affects only one of my eyes. I read that this could be due to dry eyes. I have tried moisturizing eyes but that only seems to make it even more watery. Any advice?

Although some amount of tears are essential so as to allow for lubrication of the eyes, some people are known to suffer from a medical condition that results in the production of excessive tears or watery eyes. This medical condition of watery eyes is also known as Epiphora which basically means an increase in the production of tears. Some of the most common burning watery eyes causes are dry eye syndrome, presence of a foreign particle, clogged tear ducts, environmental irritants which include hot wind, blowing dust, bright lights, smog and so on, conjunctivitis, allergies, advancing age, turning of the eyelids outwards or inwards and so on. Some of the watery eyes symptoms include constantly tearing eyes as also burning or pricking sensation in the eyes which may also be accompanied with some amount of redness of the eye. Watery eyes treatment in case of allergies resulting in watery eyes would include the use of antihistamines as prescribed by ones doctor.

Similarly regardless of the cause of the watery eyes one should always ensure that they wear sunglasses every time they step outside in the day time so as to protect their eyes from the harmful UV radiation of the sun as well as from any airborne particles or debris. Watery eyes treatment also includes certain home remedies especially if one's eyes are watering because of excessive heat. In such cases one should ensure that they wash their eyes thoroughly and carefully and as far as possible use some cool water as this tends to soothe the burning membranes of the eyes thus giving instant relief. Another watery eyes treatment that can be practiced at home is to mix together some rose water and honey and then put a couple of drops of this mixture in one's eyes., Alternatively, one may also soak some cotton pads in this mixture and place them over one's eyes while lying down. Another one of the watery eyes treatment that is known to be very effective against burning watery eyes is to apply a few drops of rose milk and aloe vera to the eyes as they are known to have plenty of soothing properties thereby minimizing the burning sensation instantly.

Some people who are suffering from watery eyes find that at times the burning sensation and the irritation are simply unbearable. In such cases one may simply keep two spoons in the freezer for some time and then take them out of the freezer and immediately place them on one's eyes. The cold metal on contact with the eyes will immediately provide relief and soothe the eyes. The diet of the individual also plays an important role in preventing the problem of watery eyes and such medical conditions. One should ensure that they include at least two glasses of freshly squeezed carrot juice in their daily diet or at least have some salads that contain carrots on a regular basis. This is essential because carrots are rich in beta carotene which is required for maintenance o good vision and eye health.

Additionally one should also try and get plenty of sleep and rest so that the eyes are well rested and are not watery on account of stress and fatigue. Nowadays plenty of people are complaining of watery eyes simply because of straining one's eyes excessively while looking at the computer screen or the television continuously for a long period of time. There are also plenty of commercial products available such as eye drops or eye washes that are known to control and stop the inflammation or the burning sensation in the eyes on account of their various active ingredients.

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