Remedies for watery eyes

Another word for watery eyes is tearing. Watery eyes are a result of excess tear production or at times poor drainage of the tear duct. This can also be due to long exposure to the sun, lack of sleep, watching television or if you have been working on your computer for too long. Sometimes small specks of dirt that get into your eyes could result in a watery discharge. Another reason can be that you have eye lashes that are growing inward rather than in an outward direction. This leads to an irritation in the eye and ultimately the formation of tears. A surprising cause of teary eyes is also dry eyes – that is when your eyes are sore and red, due to this irritation it produces tears. There are a lot of eyes drops available over the counter that will help in soothing the eyes and providing them with the necessary lubrication. It is recommended to consult your eye doctor before using any drops. Watery eyes can be very uncomfortable and can cause considerable harm if not taken care off.

Some tips and home remedies to cure watery eyes are as follows:

  • If your eyes are tearing because of the heat then see to it that you have washed your eyes carefully and thoroughly. It is best to use ice cold water for this as it soothes the burning membranes of your eyes there by providing relief.
  • Add a few drops of diluted honey to some rose water mix this well and then put a drop or two in each eye. You could also soak some cotton pads in this mixture and place it over your eyes while you relax and lie down.
  • Aloe vera and rose milk also have a lot of soothing properties so you could apply a few drops to your eyes as it will take care of the burning sensation that make your eyes water.
  • If none of this helps in the stoppage of tears from the eye then you can get a prescription for antibiotics from your local doctor.
  • If the irritation and burning sensation is unbearable then one remedy that will provide instant relief is; placing two spoons in the freezer of your refrigerator for some time and then place them on your eyes. The cold metal will soothe your eyes instantly.
  • Carrots are very good for your eyes as it contains beta carotene which is essential for good vision. You must have a salad with carrots or at least two glasses of carrot juice every week.

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Watery eyes is a result of an infection, eye dryness, blockage, presence of an allien material and allergy. Vitamin C supplementation is helpful. Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency is overcome by the intake of flaxseed. Homeopathic medicines, such as allium cepa is beneficial. A cup of hot tea with lime juice and honey is soothing. If the source is allergy, try to identify the cause and remove the same.

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