I'm a diabetic and I have a burning sensation when I urinate and also have pain in kidneys. Can apple juice help me?

Diabetes is a condition where the individual's body is unable to properly regulate or use blood sugar. Blood is used to transport nutrients that have been absorbed in the digestive system. Blood glucose is a type of fuel used to produce energy. Under normal circumstances, the body absorbs glucose from the blood. This absorbed glucose is then converted into heat and energy through a process known as metabolism. Energy is required for all the functions of the body. Diabetes is the condition where sugar cannot be properly absorbed into the body for some underlying reason. Insulin is a substance that helps the process of sugar absorption. A deficiency of insulin in the body is likely to cause diabetes. Some patients may have a different form of diabetes. In this condition, the body has sufficient insulin, but does not make use of the insulin properly. This leads to a failure of the abruption process. Whatever be the cause, diabetes causes high blood sugar levels and is known to produce symptoms like fatigue, increased thirst and many associated symptoms. Over a period of time, fluctuating blood sugar levels can affect the kidneys, the heart and even the liver.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes must keep a track of their blood sugar levels. Simple steps taken to maintain the blood sugar at normal levels will help to avoid any complications that are associated with diabetes. Many individuals who suffer from diabetes experience burning when urinating. This is a sign that there is an infection in the urinary tract and, possibly, in the kidneys. Diabetics often experience frequent need for urination. Furthermore, the kidneys and urinary tract may be damaged by continuous exposure to concentrated urine as the body tries desperately to reduce the highly abnormal blood sugar levels. This could cause burning when urinating. It is important to have a proper diagnosis done when experiencing these complications of diabetes. In some cases, the condition that is causing burning when urinating is a harmless urinary tract infection. This is cured using antibiotics and is often self resolving. The problem for diabetics is that pain in the kidneys and burning when urinating could indicate kidney damage. Problems with the kidneys are common complications of diabetes. It is therefore best to visit a doctor if one experiences burning when urinating. This course of action can arrest any kidney damage if the patient is experiencing this and other complications of diabetes.

Patients suffering from diabetes need to follow a restricted diet as they cannot afford to rapidly raise their blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates should be moderated based on the dietary recommendations of the doctor in charge of the health of the patient. Many individuals may wonder about the relationship between diabetes and apple juice. Natural fruit juices are good for the human body as they provide the individual with plenty of different vitamins and nutrients. However, diabetics face the problem of blood sugar management. It is not a problem to have diabetes and still drink apple juice. However, one should be consistently monitoring the blood sugar levels and the effect that any spike has on the body. Blood sugar management is the only thing that can be done to help with diabetes. In some rare cases, diabetics may have temporary diabetes because of a reversible failure of the glands producing insulin in the body. However, most diabetics suffer the condition through their lives without any cure. Individuals with diabetes should follow a proper diet with plenty of hydration. This will ensure that the individual's chances of experiencing burning when urinating are as low as possible.

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