How to burn body fat naturally?

There are several natural ways to burn body fat. One of the first ones you must adopt and also a highly effective measure is to drink a glass of hot water with half a lime squeezed into it and a teaspoon of honey mixed in. You will be surprised to see effective results within a week. Hot water and lime cut fat almost instantly, while honey will add to melting fat molecules when mixed in warm water and had. Green tea is also an effective way to cut back on caffeine in your system as well as lose fat from the body. You can replace a morning cup of coffee with this. You can also try to sip warm water all day. This will also help considerably in loosening up lipids and therefore lessening the fat quotient in your body. Try to work out a routine of simple aerobic exercise for 30 minutes daily. If you are unable to go for the kind of exercise that will burn fat, you could try brick walking out of doors. But make sure it is brisk, and not a stroll. Cut back on alcohol and fizzy drinks - both will add to nothing but the fat in your body. Change your diet and lifestyle a little; these small changes will make a big difference. Switch to brown rice from white. Have yogurt instead of ice cream. Replace chips with toasted nuts. Say no to sweets. While they may sound too simple, please do remember that these will make the biggest changes in your fat loss efforts.

answered by M W

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