Fat accumulation in the lower abdomen and lower portion of the body.

Food provides us with nutrients that keep the body healthy and functioning well. Eating too much can however cause the excess food to turn into fat which is then accumulated in the body. Persistent overeating and the subsequent rise in weight gain results in a condition called obesity. Obesity is a long term condition which has negative effects on the health of the body. When the intake of calories is more than that which the body can burn, it leads to weight gain. Obesity has a genetic factor and it is seen that it tends to run in families. Depression and stress causes an individual to overeat. Environmental factors such as dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle can also encourage obesity. The metabolism of the body slows down as the age of the individual advances. This allow for weight gain. Pregnancy also causes a woman to gain weight and many women stay with this increased weight even after delivery. There are also some medical conditions that lead to obesity. Hypothyroidism affects the metabolism of the body, thus leading to weight gain. Cushing syndrome and clinical depression also make an individual vulnerable to weight gain.

To maintain your weight and reduce fat accumulation, it is important to exercise along with eating healthy. Breathing exercises and yoga is a good idea if you are looking for more holistic ways to reduce weight. Exercise is essential as it ensures that the food is converted into muscle mass, rather than fats. You can start with a simple morning walk every day, and then progress to a more structured weight reduction regime. Consume salads containing green leafy vegetables, mint leaves and tomatoes, as this is good for getting rid of excess fat. Drinking plenty of water is also important as it helps to flush out harmful substances from the body. Cabbage in cooked form or taken as juice is known to be effective in treating obesity. Include pineapple, apples and papayas in the daily diet. Drinking lukewarm water after meals aids in the digestion process and prevents fat accumulation.

An effective remedy for treating obesity is to mix black pepper powder in foods, as it helps to burn off excessive fats. Ginger is also good for burning fat and keeping cholesterol levels in check. A drink of honey and basil paste added to water can be taken as a beneficial remedy for obesity. Mix a little honey and the juice of one lemon to a glass of warm water. Mix this well and drink this juice on a daily basis as it  promotes fat usage by the body and helps to get rid of stubborn fat from problem areas.

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Advice on obesity

Increase in the abdominal fat is seen, especially after pregnancy. Sedentary activity, poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating pattern are the other causes. Aerobics and healthy diet is an ideal way to lose weight. Aerobics and other cardio exercises help in utilising or breaking down of the stored fat. Abdomen crunches are simple and effective. Lie flat on the floor with palms on the side. Try to touch your knees with the forehead. Alternate knees and do this everyday. Increase the number of crunches in a periodic manner. This helps in improving the posture and personality of the individual. Muscle mass increases, thereby resulting in burning of excessive fat. The incline bench is useful equipments seen in gyms. The body is elevated from a lower level and it acts as a weight itself, along with gravity. The intensity of the crunches is greater. Cycling is an equally fruitful technique of tummy reduction. Liposuction and tummy tucking are surgical procedures, to trim the excess fat in the lower abdomen. Diet pills and supplements are not recommended. Consult your physician, before going in for artificial methods.

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