How to whiten the dark underarms

Many people are keen on knowing how to whiten their dark underarms as dark underarms tend to pose a hindrance when considering wearing short sleeves or even raising your arms in public. In case of people who are fair, dark underarms tend to become even more prominent. Sometimes dark underarms are also known to be accompanied with bad odor, itching and sweating. Before undertaking any underarm whitening treatment it is necessary to determine the exact cause of dark underarms.

Dark underarms could be a result of excessive use of strongly fragranced deodorants, constant friction caused by wearing tight clothes, build-up of dead skin, improper washing of the underarms and even shaving. One of the natural remedies to lighten dark underarms is to rub some slices of freshly cut lemons under one’s arms. Another home remedy to whiten dark underarms naturally is to apply some vitamin E oil on the armpits and to use alum powder instead of deodorants. One of the popular dark underarm treatments is to prepare a paste of a teaspoon each of cucumber juice and lime juice along with some turmeric powder. This paste should be applied directly on the armpits and allowed to remain before washing it off after around 20 minutes. Similarly, one could also lighten dark underarms naturally by washing the armpits with coconut oil. Another natural remedy to whiten dark underarms is to prepare a paste of rose water and sandalwood powder and apply the same to one’s underarms.

Underarm whitening treatment at home also includes preparing a paste of a teaspoon each of gram flour, milk and curds along with a pinch of turmeric powder. This paste should be applied on the dark underarms and should be allowed to remain till it dries. Thereafter the paste should be washed off with some coldwater. Underarm whitening treatment also includes preventive treatment by minimizing the use of deodorants and anti-perspirants and instead using anti-fungal powder. One should also avoid shaving their underarms and instead wax them regularly if possible as this will not only remove the unwanted hair but will also remove the dead skin which would otherwise accumulate and result in dark underarms. One should also ensure that they drink plenty of fresh drinking water in a daily basis as this helps in keeping the skin hydrated and supple. Another underarm whitening treatment includes application of some grape seed oil along with a little bit of salt on the dark underarms.

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