Please recommend herbal supplements for mitral valve prolapse.

Heart is divided into four halves, one of which is known as the mitral value. Mitral valve prolapse is a common heart disease but is a serious and fatal condition. During heart contractions, the cusps of the mitral valve enter the heart chambers and results in mitral valve proplapse. This can be further evolved into mitral regurgitation, where the valve loses its ability to inhibit backward flowing of blood and therefore, blood flows back, entering into a wrong chamber.

This life threatening condition can be best treated with nutritional or herbal supplements. It is believed that deficiency of magnesium can result in this life threatening condition. Therefore it is essential to consume plenty of magnesium rich foods. If natural food sources don't fill the body's requirement of magnesium then you can go for nutritional supplements that can help to cure the prolapse. Researches and studies have also revealed that products containing ephedrine is also beneficial in treating mitral valve prolapse. Ephedrine is a powerful stimulant that is extracted from a Chinese herb called ma huang or ephedra.

Further to nutritional and herbal supplements, it is also essential to balance your nutritional requirement with a nutritionally complete, well balanced diet. Avoid foods such as caffeine because caffeine stimulates the autonomic nervous system aggravates the condition. Also avoid excess of sugar and high protein snacks that can create an unstable state and make the condition more fatal. By any means, it is essential to consult your physician immediately after having mitral valve prolapse.

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