How to treat mitral valve prolapse naturally?

Mitral valve prolapse is a dysfunction that is associated with the heart and its proper functioning. The mitral valve, which is made up of valve leaflets and chordae, gets damaged due to a process that is known as myxomatous degeneration. The degeneration causes the abnormal production of collagen, which causes the leaves of the valve to thicken and enlarge which leaves the leaflets unusable. This happens because when the ventricles present in the heart start to contract the leaves of the damaged mitral valve only flop backwards into the left atrium, and this in medical terms is known as a prolapse. Often it causes a certain amount of leakage of blood through the valve opening. This in small quantities is not very dangerous, however if the leakage does become severe then it can lead to the problem of an irregular heartbeat or even heart failure. More often than not people are not even aware that they might have mitral valve prolapse and for the most part it is harmless and does not require a change in one's lifestyle or life expectancy. However, if the disorder does get worse you will have to consider getting it treated.

The first thing to keep in mind when trying to treat a case of mitral valve prolapse is too avoid any kind of stress, thus allowing the heart to function as smoothly as possible. This helps relive the symptoms of irritability and anxiety faced by most patients who have the disorder. The use of magnesium has been found to be effective and has a calming effect on the body. The use of magnesium also helps relive the muscle fatigue that is also a symptom of the disorder. Therefore the magnesium effectively helps reduce the symptoms of irritability, anxiety and muscle fatigue and is therefore an effective remedy to use. However if you have a pre-existing heart or kidney problem it is important that you consult your doctor as to whether it is safe for you to consume magnesium supplements.

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