I have degenerative disc of the neck (stiffness in the neck muscles). Can you recommend assistance in obtaining relief by herbal remedies?

Degenerative disc disease usually causes lower back pain (and is in fact among the most common causes of this problem), but in some cases it can also cause pain in the neck and shoulders. The problem is much more than simple stiffness of the neck muscles, and in fact has much more to do with the spine itself, rather than the muscles. The condition (although it is called a disease, this term is slightly misleading - it is usually understood as an infection that either passes or gets progressively worse) is caused by deterioration of the discs in the spine, causing severe pain and impairing movement. Degeneration of the discs is a natural part of the aging process, and usually does not cause any pain or discomfort. In some cases however, usually as a result of an injury or excessive strain, discs are damaged enough to become a problem.

I am not aware of any herbal remedies for degenerative disc disease, but current mainstream treatments for this condition usually do include some methods that are typically considered "alternative treatments". The main method among such treatments is a variety of chiropractic treatments that have proved to be quite effective. Chiropractic was originally developed as a system that viewed all disease as originating in the spine. This view has been discarded to a large extent, and although the focus is still on the spine, today most chiropractors have incorporated modern science as well as complementary and alternative techniques such as diets, exercise, massage, and so on.

Your primary guide should however be a proper medical practitioner, as someone like this will give you much better all round information and treatment. Apart from chiropractic, this will include physiotherapy to help improve movement and decrease pain, as well as orthopedic treatment such as traction, and if necessary, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). If you wish, you can tell your doctor that you want to avoid drugs and focus on the physiotherapy, orthopedic treatment, and chiropractic treatment.

You should note however, that in some cases drugs and even surgery may be necessary - if you do not find sufficient improvement after several months, you should be open to these treatments as well. Surgery is of course the last option, and if you should first consider using the NSAIDs if you are unable to get relief without them. As a final option, you can explore a variety of modern surgical procedures that are available to treat degenerative disc disease, and which usually provide drastic improvement.

answered by G R

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