I keep getting bumps under the skin of my underarms and there sore. What is this and how do I treat it?

Without a physical examination, it's not possible for me to answer your question with 100% accuracy. However, if the "bumps" are relatively small, they could be enlarged lymph nodes or small cysts. Avoid using antiperspirants, and help your body eliminate. Lymphatic massage in this area may be helpful --or consider hydrotherapy in the shower (3 min hot 30sec cool water spray in this area to improve circulation x 3.) Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in pure filtered water daily. Support your immune system by using castor oil packs at least three nights in a row each week. If you are a woman, ensure you are performing a breast self exam, since sometimes enlarged lymph nodes in this area can be indicative of deeper pathologies. http://www.countrydoc.com

answered by Dr K B N

It maybe an allergy to your deodorant. I had quite a few of these in my early twenties. I was advised to switch to a roll on deodorant and have no problems since.

answered by b

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