Is it true that all women experience orgasms

Though most of the women are capable of reaching an orgasm during sexual intercourse, a large percentage of them do not experience it a lot. There is also a small percentage that is completely incapable of experiencing an orgasm. This 10 percent of women, who have never had an orgasm and who are physically incapable of ever having one, suffer from a condition called anorgasmia. There are two types of anorgasmia. In one kind, a woman may never be able to reach an orgasm, either by self stimulation or during intercourse. This is known as primary anorgasmia. In the second type, the women though unable to experience an orgasm now, have experienced it at one point of time. There is another classification of anorgasmia known as situational or universal. In a situational anorgasmia, a woman has an orgasm only in a certain situation. Say for example, self stimulation. In universal anorgasmia however, a woman is not able to have orgasm ever. Female orgasms are a highly researched area and some of this research has been very useful in busting some age old myths about female orgasm. Here are some facts about a woman's orgasm.

  • Though you may have read or heard that an orgasm always has to be an out of the world experience, it is not always true. Not always do you have mind numbing pleasure from your orgasms. A lot of women reach their orgasms without ever knowing it. There are also some women who do not experience any physical manifestations of an orgasm, but reach an extremely pleasurable state of arousal.
  • Though almost all men experience their orgasms through intercourse, this is true for only about one third of the female population. The other two thirds reach their orgasm through manual or oral stimulation or by using other stimulation devices.
  • Men often feel that if they are not able to give their partners an orgasm, they are not skillful in bed. However, this is not true. For some women, who do not get orgasms at all, the problem is simple. They do not know what kind of stimulation they need and for how long it should be given. Both partners need to have frank and open discussions so that they can understand their individual needs. Prolonged foreplay increases the chances of having an orgasm and should not be compromised. It would be helpful to talk to your doctor in case there are any serious underlying causes.

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