Can cancer be treated by home remedies. Please advice home remedy for lung cancer

To begin with cancer is not a condition that can be treated at home simply by using home remedies. It is a serious condition that can not be trivialized or treated in a casual manner. Natural methods of treatment that could include home remedies, dietary modifications, herbal remedies and other approaches may however be used in conjunction with conventional treatments to facilitate healing and also minimize the side effects of conventional cancer treatments. Complimentary medicine is in fact highly regarded and has come to play an important role in the modern medical community. Lung cancer is regarded as the most fatal type of cancer and in fact has a higher mortality rate as compared to all of the other cancers when added up.

Lung cancer quite naturally afflicts the lungs, with uncontrolled cell growth in the tissues. Lung cancer is not easy to treat but can be prevented quite easily. The main cause of lung cancer is exposure to cigarette smoke. Smokers are at highest risk of developing lung cancer, with the risks increasing over time, and with the amount of cigarettes smoked. Consequentially, quitting the habit, even after years of smoking, can significantly reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.

Alternative treatments and complimentary treatments for cancer have become much sought after because of the severe side effects of conventional treatment and also because of the uncertainty of the outcome when dealing with certain types of cancer particularly in the more advanced stages. Alternative treatments can not cure the cancer but they can help minimize the symptoms and signs of lung cancer. Here are some alternative treatments that have been found to be of use in treating lung cancer:

  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture has been found to help relieve pain and also minimize the severity and frequency of side effects of cancer treatments such as nausea or vomiting. It does not have any direct bearing on the outcome of your cancer though.
  • Hypnosis - Hypnosis therapy has gained ground in various areas of medicine and has been found to help reduce anxiety and other symptoms like nausea that overwhelm cancer patients.
  • Massage Therapy - This treatment has been found to promote relaxation and also reduce feelings of fatigue and pain in cancer patients.
  • Meditation - Meditation is extremely beneficial as it improves the quality of your life and can be done at home itself and you can also get instructions from a trainer.
  • Yoga - Yoga practice involves a combination of deep breathing and meditation techniques that can help improve the quality of relaxation, sleep, and life in general. It also helps strengthen the lungs and can counter various symptoms in patients.

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