Types of Cancer

by Andrew Mills

Cancer affects many parts of the body causing it to cause cancer of that type. Not all types of cancer are fatal, but most of these might take some time to be diagnosed. Cancer is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. There are many types of cancer, each form because of different reasons and with types of treatments.

Bladder cancer is the cancer of urinary bladder, cells start growing along the bladder lining. There are chances that this cancer might not spread throughout the body, sometimes, this cancer too starts spreading. Treatment for bladder cancer is easy without many side effects if this has been detected early. However, if detected late and the cancer has already traveled out of the bladder, the treatment might become as complicated as any other type of cancer.

Breast cancer occurs in men as well as women; breast cancer in women is quite common and might be cured by removal of one breast (mastectomy) if the cancer is detected in early stages. The risk of breast cancer increases as women get older, getting mammography done at regular period of time is advised for people who might have a family history or breast or ovarian cancer.

Lung cancer is cancer of lungs which is caused by smoking most of the times. Lung cancer is the largest killer cancer in the world. Lung cancer can be of different types; most of the lung cancer grows around the lining of the lung and then grows out. Lung cancer can be treated effectively only if it has been detected very early, if detected at any other stage, lung cancer treatment might involve chemotherapy, surgery and strict control over diet and no smoking!

Skin cancer, is another type of cancer which seems to be spreading. Skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to sun, radiation or tanning lights/ UV rays. There are several symptoms of skin cancers, these are called basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, you can detect cancer if you have wounds which would not heal, or through discoloring of skin or change in color or sizes of moles.

These different types of cancers are increasing in frequency now. Cancers can be detected early what is required is regular physical tests and check up once anything abnormal is noticed by your own self. Skin cancer, lung cancer, though not completely unavoidable, you can reduce risks by taking enough care to avoid going out in sun as well as avoid smoking totally.

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