My wife has hard stool with blood drops with pain since after pregnancy. It happens when she takes rice, potato or oily things. she has two pile on anal also. Taking homeopathic treatment. Dr. advice not to take onion, ginger.

A varicose vein in the anal or rectal region is termed as piles. Persistent aching and throbbing are the typical symptoms of pregnancy in piles. Increase in progesterone, during the pregnancy is the main cause for piles in pregnant women. During the last trimester, the risks of varicosities are greater. This is attributed to the pressure pur by the womb on the pelvis. A varicose vein is an issue in pregnancy, especially, in cases of overweight, big baby or more than a baby in the womb. Constipation in pregnancy is another contributing factor. A diet rich in fibre, with adequate amount of vegetables and fruits prove beneficial. Bromelain in pineapple helps in eliminating the fibrin mesh, which in turn results in varicose veins. Vitamin E in wheat germ and sunflower seeds are also helpful in averting varicosities. Bleeding piles is accompanied by blood in stools. Two grams of powdered mango seeds are effective in the treatment of bleeding piles. Crushed cotton seeds act as poultice in curing piles. Soak coriander seeds overnight. Strain the water and drink to alleviate bleeding piles. A glass of buttermilk after meals is an effective remedy.

answered by Dr C

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