Clove Oil Preparation Tips: How do you get oil from cloves?? Or do you get cloves oil at the store.

Methods to Make Clove Oil At Home

Clove oil is used to treat a number of things at home including toothaches, colds, and sore throats. While it is simpler to buy clove oil from an organic foods store, you can make clove oil rather simply as well. You would first need to identify if the cloves you have at home are new or old. If they are old, then you would need to use more cloves while making the oil. If you have new cloves, use 4-5 cloves and if you have old ones, use 6-7 and break them up into small pieces. You should then get a glass jar ready. Wash it well with warm water and dry the jar thoroughly.

Place the clove pieces inside the jar and pour just about enough oil in the jar to completely immerse the cloves. It is recommended that you use olive to make clove oil. You must allow the mixture to stand for a week. However, if you want a stronger concentration of clove oil, you should let it stand for a much longer time. Remember that if you are going to allow the oil stand for longer than a month, pour in some more olive oil after a fortnight. Once it has matured as desired, you should strain the mixture before you start using it.

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