Enema recipe for colon cleansing

Lifestyle related health problems are becoming very common and so people all over the world are becoming conscious of their health. The digestive system in the human body plays a major role in the overall health and well being of a person and therefore, in order to feel fit and healthy, it is important to have a digestive system that is free of toxic and waste material. One of the best ways of doing that is by drinking high amounts of water each day and following a diet that is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. There are also several people across the globe, who may take a colon cleansing enema, for various purposes.

The main purpose of an enema is to cleanse the colon naturally - to get rid of the fecal matter within the intestines, without the use of any medication, laxatives, home remedies or natural & homemade colon cleanse recipes. Several health experts also include an enema as a part of the colon hydrotherapy process. In almost all instances, a person needs to take an enema before going through a surgical process. However, there are several people across the globe who may also take an enema only as a treatment for chronic or acute constipation. In order to carry out this process, a colon cleansing enema kit is required. This kit generally consists of a bag, in which the fluid needs to be filled. Attached to the bag is a thin and long pipe or hose, which needs to be inserted into the anus. The cleansing fluid is introduced into the rectum and the large intestines, with the help of this hose. Normally, the fluid that is filled in the bag and injected into the body mainly consists of saline water. However, there are many other types of enemas that can be administered, some of the most common ones being a coffee enema, a barium enema, a yogurt enema and so on.

Is colon cleansing safe?

There are several people who recommend an enema for the colon hydrotherapy benefits that are associated with it. However, before administering an enema, it is absolutely imperative for all people to keep a few things in mind. This colon cleansing process can be quite safe and healthy too, but only if it is used correctly. In the past, the only method of colon cleansing was an enema, which led to several medical problems, like a damaged colon, infections, and so on. However, in the last few years people have become aware of several other methods to cleanse the colon naturally. One such method includes colon irrigation, which is believed to be a lot more effective and safer than an enema. Moreover, the adverse side effects that have been associated with an enema are usually absent, in the colon irrigation process.

However, it is quite likely that the process of eliminating the waste products and toxins from the body may cause a few small intestinal problems and concerns. Once the buildup of mucus starts to leave the body, there are minute amounts of it that can be reabsorbed on the way. The absorption of toxins by the body could then lead to flu-like or cold like symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea and headaches. However, once the outflow of the waste matter diminishes, these problems will ultimately reverse themselves. Thereafter, once the body is free of toxic waste products, a person tends to feel a bit more energetic and experiences an overall increased feeling of well being.

However, regardless if the benefits and side effects that have been associated with the colon cleansing process, it is absolutely imperative to consult a doctor, before trying out any technique. This is all the more important for women who are pregnant and nursing. Many pregnant and breastfeeding women often have queries like" "is colon cleansing safe while breastfeeding?" and "is colon cleansing safe while pregnant" and it is important to visit a doctor so that one can receive personalized advice on this subject.

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