How to do colon cleanse without buying expensive products.

If your colon is not cleaned regularly this could lead to various problems like constipation. This in turn leads to the formation of gas which could cause abdominal pain. This could lead to a bloating of the stomach. Unless you have regular bowel movements your health will never be perfect. This could also lead to various illnesses that could make your daily life difficult. We consume a variety of unhealthy food items on a daily basis. This can cause a problem with our colon and this is possibly why so many people suffer from Colon cancer.

Other reasons for colons become polluted are the toxins in the body. These can build up in the colon and over a period of time these can cause some unpleasant side effects. Very often the colon becomes host to a sludgy material. This material becomes the basis on which toxins like yeast, parasites and bacteria bread. Once the colon is filled with the toxins, it is but a small step to the toxins leaking into the body and polluting it.

You can try some simple home remedies to cleanse your colon. You can begin by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetable intake. This will automatically make your diet rich in fibers. Once you begin taking large amounts of fiber rich food, you will stop finding it difficult to move your bowels regularly. Eating green leafy vegetables and vegetables like radish and beetroot help make your stools soft. This makes it easier for you to move your bole without any pain or discomfort. Fruit juices also help in overcoming constipation. It is believed that increasing your intake of water to at least eight glasses each day can work wonders by keeping both your body and the digestive system in your body hydrated. Avoiding fatty food and food items that contain a high calorie count are other ways of ensuring that you cleanse your colon. However this does not mean that you stop eating, but rather that you eat well balanced meals. In order to have regular motions you can also try drinking a cup of hot milk at bedtime. Mix a teaspoon of butter in this and drink it.

You can also add two teaspoons of pure sea salt with two quarts of clean water. Mix well and sip at this. This will have the effect of literally flushing your system clean. You should ensure that you are home so that you can go through the cleansing in complete comfort.

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