A friend of mine is craving raw garlic like it's going out of fashion. even in the middle of the night. Please can you enlighten me as to why this could be - I would be so grateful.

I agree with Dr. Marsh.

Another way to look at this is from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element theory.

Garlic is Yang in nature, its effect on the body is warming. Eating raw garlic would benefit someone who always feels cold and has cold hands and feet. On the contrary, a person who has excess heat in the body (think red, itchy skin) will be aggravated by overconsumption of raw garlic.

It is a pungent food that benefits the lungs.

From the 5 element perspective, pungent foods tonify (strengthen) the metal element made up of the lung and large intestine meridians. Since metal is the mother of water, strengthening the mother will benefit the child, the water element in this case.

Theoretically these cravings could be an attempt by the body to strengthen the water element. But this could only be confirmed by a visit to an acupuncturisit who will look at the big picture and include a pulse diagnosis and tongue examination.

Dr. Coleen Murphy, ND


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answered by Dr C M N

Can you give a little bit of info on him, garlic is pretty much a cure all for many things. Does he have any ailments or health conditions? When a body craves something it is due to it a lack of something or an organ not functioning like it should.


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I have never heard of any particular disease that garlic cravings are a symptom of or deficiency of.

His body is craving the garlic for a reason. The garlic must be aiding the body is some way. Such as thinning his blood, helping his blood pressure, erradicating parasites or bacteria.

Only his body knows for sure and when it is happy the cravings should stop.

It is a very healthy food and cannot harm him. It may only keep his friends at arms length due to the strong smell his breath may have.

Take Care,

Bonnie Marsh, ND

answered by B M

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