My girl friend is allergic to flax seed and has ate some by accident what do we do now?

Allergy to flaxseed is quite a rare and uncommon allergy. Therefore there is very little information available in terms of home remedies for this allergic reaction. Initially it took a while for people to understand that flaxseed could also have side effects and, in some cases, severe allergic reactions. However, there has since been a lot of research and work in this field, which has resulted in a lot of awareness for this rare allergy. Initially even doctors would think twice before prescribing medicines for this allergy. However, now, with more awareness, any good allergist will be able to give you proper guidance. It is not advisable to take any over the counter medicine, as it might have an adverse reaction and cause more harm.

By now your girlfriend must certainly have recovered from her allergic attack, so no treatment is needed, except of course for continuing to stay away from flaxseed. Even if your girlfriend accidentally consumes flaxseed ever again, there is not much that can be done by way of home remedies, especially since you have not provided any details on the type of allergic reaction. Consuming foods that you are allergic to may sometimes merely cause a stomach upset, while at other times they may increase the production of phlegm. Standard home remedies for these ailments are adequate to get through the allergic reaction. In more severe cases, diarrhea or difficulty breathing may be experienced, in which case medical attention may be needed. It is a good thing that you have already identified the allergy; now all you need to do is keep a diet diary and avoid any food that has the allergen. Ideally however, your girlfriend should consult a doctor with regard to her allergy, especially if the reaction she experienced this time was very severe. The doctor can recommend a suitable medication or course of action in case she ever consumes flaxseed again.

It may be advisable for your girlfriend to undergo an allergy test, if she has not done one so far. This will help her to identify any other substances that she might be allergic to. This awareness will make it easier to avoid unpleasant allergic reactions in the future. In general however, there is no need to worry. Allergies are usually more of a nuisance than they are a threat, and all that is needed to manage them is a certain amount of caution.

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