Natural Cures for Cholesterol

Flax seed is a rich plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. 1.6 gm of omega-3 fatty acid is obtained from a tablespoon of flaxseeds; this amount can alone suffice the daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acid. Flaxseed along with omega-3 fatty acids is also high in total fat. So if you are consuming even 5-10 gm flaxseed daily, you need to reduce the total amount of over all fat in your diet. Phytosterols in sesame seeds are believed to have cholesterol lowering effects. But these are also high in fat. So you should remember to cut down your total fat intake.

You can incorporate 5mg of both flaxseeds and sesame seeds in the daily diet. These seeds can be also taken in grounded or powder form. You can even make a paste by mixing 3g flaxseed powder, 3g sesame seed powder, 2 almonds in honey. Have this every morning to decrease your LDL cholesterol. You can also add flaxseeds and sesame seeds as whole or in ground form in various recipes like your breakfast cereal, sandwich, yoghurt, breads, baked dish, salads, soups and vegetables.

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