Allergy Shots

by Sharon Hopkins

Allergy shots are also known as immunotherapy, these are injections that are given to desensitize the allergens that trigger allergic responses in people. Allergy shots are the best relief when anti-allergic drugs stop giving any relief against the allergy.

Though allergy shots require to be taken regularly, over a period of time, if you want to ensure that you want to benefit from these shots, these shots might prove extremely effective in the long run.

Allergy shots for children are administered too, since these shots are designed to target the core reasons for allergic reactions, these might help treat allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, etc. However, concerns regarding extending the treatment over a period of time to young children have surfaced and doctors are trying to find whether these are absolutely safe for children.

Allergy shots or immunotherapy can be taken during pregnancy if you want to avoid any further recurrent allergies that have dominated your life. Allergy shots during pregnancy might require to be taken by keeping some constraints so that these do not affect the fetus. Doctors have advised that it might be all right to continue allergy shots you were taking before pregnancy even after pregnancy, but starting allergy shots after you conceive is not advisable.

Allergy shots are safer than most of the ‘safe’ drugs that are used to treat allergies.  Safety of allergy shots have been studied by doctors, these safety charts have shown them that the shots are far safer than the drugs. Another advantage of allergy shots is that these work at the very core and get rid of the allergy all together, whereas anti-allergy drugs become ineffective if used over a period of time.

Allergy shots or immunotherapy helps eradicate the reason for allergy in people, therefore though expensive it is far more useful that the normal over the counter or prescription drugs. Before starting allergy shots it is extremely necessary to determine exactly which allergen is giving the allergy, so that the shot given is specific.

Allergy shots are not effective for food allergies. Therefore, people suffering from food allergies should rely on regular drugs. Again allergy shots require to be taken for minimum three years for its effects to become permanent. Though there are some positive effects in the first year, permanent effects can be seen after minimum two years. It is also necessary that you ensure regularity in taking allergy shots or else these might not be as effective as you wish for.

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