I'm having the vein procedure done on November 20. When I take the stockings off my legs hips and feet ache a lot is there any thing else I can do to ease the burning ache?

Veins carry out the function of returning blood to one's heart. The valves of the veins close after the blood travels upwards, through the veins. This is to prevent the blood from going down the veins again. These valves can stop functioning normally for numerous reasons which include pregnancy, trauma or heredity factors. A vein that has abnormal valves dilates and becomes larger, applying pressure on the other veins too. This condition is known as varicose veins, which commonly appears on a person's legs. This problem can cause the legs and feet to swell, ache and throb and in more severe cases, this condition can lead to blood clots, ulceration and inflammation. At times, people suffering from varicose veins even experience a heavy, aching and cramping sensation in their legs and feet. Because of pregnancy and hormonal factors, women are more prone to varicose veins, than men are.

Varicose veins often cause aches and a burning sensation, in the affected areas. In order to avoid the pain, stay off your feet as much as possible. Whenever you can, take off your stockings or socks and shoes and rest your bare feet on an elevated chair or pillow. This will allow the blood to circulate more freely, through the veins. Gentle massages would also help soothe the pain. Use some lotions or massage oils for a relaxing effect. Avoid wearing closed, fitting shoes, or shoes with high heels. Instead, opt for soft, comfortable slippers. Varicose veins can be treated, but till you undergo the treatment, there are a few remedies which could help alleviate the discomfort:

  • Soak your feet and legs in a hot, Epsom salt bath about twice a week, to reduce the pain.
  • Try taking hot and cold hipbaths alternately, which are known to reduce the pain caused by varicose. You could try heat and ice therapies, by using heating pads or ice packs, for the pain in your hip. Use heat to prevent the pain and ice to reduce it, after it occurs.
  • Apply some cider vinegar before you start your day and at the end, just before you go to bed. This will help the enlarged veins to shrink back to their normal size.
  • Apply witch hazel tea, rosemary oil or vitamin E oil to the affected areas.

For some aches and pains it may be best to consult a doctor, who will be able to recommend the right medication and exercises for relief.

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