The Benefits of Regular Exercise during Pregnancy

by Sam Malone

There is immense benefit to be gained from exercising during pregnancy although you might not always feel like getting out of bed. Exercising throughout the pregnancy is highly recommended but it is also largely dependent upon your levels of fitness, prior to being pregnant. It is important to discuss your exercise plans to your gynecologist and medical expert and adopt the right adjustments to your daily exercise regime. The benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy can help you to feel highly energized as exercise increases your level of control and boosts the energy levels in your mind. Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which are believed to be naturally occurring chemicals in the brain.

The right kind of exercise is not only helpful in relieving backaches during pregnancy but can also help in improving posture by toning your back muscles and accelerating metabolism. This is a major concern for almost all women. Appropriate exercise is also useful in preventing the wear and tear of your joints that tend to get loosened during to normal hormonal imbalances during pregnancy. It also helps in activating the lubricating fluids in the joints, thus eliminating painful movements during the latter part of the pregnancy. Stress and anxiety that builds up during the day and which can make you feel restless at night can also be reduced through daily exercise. More importantly it helps in increasing the blood flow in the body thus imparting a healthy glow on the face.

Preparing for labor and delivery through exercise is a must, as it can help to build strong muscles and gain control over your breathing. It can also help in increasing your endurance levels especially in the event of a lengthy labor. By continuing to exercise during pregnancy you are likely to gain less fat and most likely to regain your pre-pregnancy shape quickly after delivery. The ultimate goal of exercising during pregnancy is to maintain your fitness levels throughout your term and reduce your risk of complications. Doctors highly recommend that a pregnant woman must spend approximately 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week that is at least, two hours and 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in order to prevent complications during pregnancy. Exercise not only helps you to prepare for childbirth but is also necessary for the release of a particular hormone known as relaxin that can help you to prepare for delivery in advance.

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