Tips to straighten hair at home

In order to restore the straightness of artificially straightened hair, there are no easy solutions in place except to repeat the Exercise. Please keep in mind that wavy hair cannot be straightened naturally without using any hot treatments. As a matter of fact, if you would like to have your hair appear uniformly straight, your best bet would be to blow dry the parts that have gone wavy as a result of growing back. Please do note that this would be a totally temporary measure which will wash off whenever you next wash your hair. For most part, the basic nature of hair cannot be changed without applying extreme heat to it. The reason for this is extremely simple - and scientific. The hair shaft has a particular type of nature which lends to the straightness or curliness of hair. This shaft is something like the color of the eyes - in that it may be covered to make it appear different, but it would not really change from the base root. Once you have this fundamental principle in place, then it becomes easy to understand that in order to alter the nature of the shaft, something basic would need to be changed in the hair. Application of heat can help to suppress the nature of the hair, but this would result in little change. Permanent procedures that change the nature of hair have to do with chemically and invasively altering the basic shape and texture of hair. A lot of times, they also lead to a lot of hair fall, but this happens basically because the hair shaft, as it were, is literally “killed” in the process of restructuring it.

Hair may possibly be changed by straitjacketing it in some ways. If you want to straighten hair, it can be brushed out with a fine tooth comb, starting at the roots, till it becomes completely straight and dries out as well. But this may or may not happen, and it would totally depend upon the basic nature of your hair and how amenable it is to alteration in this fashion. Application of a basic hair gel or oil may also result in straight hair, but this will also make your hair appear oily and it may not even suit with the rest of the hair strands. If you want to straighten your hair half way to where it reaches the rest of the formerly straightened hair, your best bet is to blow dry it.

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