Hair Re-Bonding After Care

by Shaun Damon

Hair re-bonding is a new age hair treatment that helps permanently reshape the structure of your hair. Since the texture and condition of the hair plays a significant role in a person's aesthetic appearance, the treatment is growing in popularity as it can be a quick fix solution to those often occurring bad hair days. Straight hair is always desired because of the reduction in the amount of maintenance it requires. The re-bonding process employs a few chemicals that act on the bonds that structure your hair shafts. Once these bonds are broken down, they are reconfigured and strengthened in order for the hair to retain its new dimensions. The first step of this process is cleansing, where your hair will be shampooed. The conditioner will be skipped as this ensures that a maximum amount of the relaxant cream is absorbed by your hair. The hair is the dried thoroughly with the help of a blow dryer and then separated into individual portions. The relaxant or cream softener is then smeared all over your hair while making sure that it is combed completely straight. Most salons use an inflexible plastic board to make sure the hair remains straight during this phase. You must make sure that the relaxant is not left on your hair for too long as it could do more harm than good to your hair. Steam your hair for about 10 to 40 minutes before blow drying your hair and applying some keratin lotion.

Proper maintenance of your hair is very important if you have recently re-bonded your hair. Make sure that you always use a shampoo that has been created to care for straight hair. Make it a regular practice to apply some hair serum on your hair every time you towel dry your hair and steam your hair every fifteen days. You should also try wrapping a warm towel, dipped in warm water, around your hair to help condition the hair. Increasing your intake of foods like nuts and sprouts will considerably help improve the condition of your rebounded hair. It is also important to remember that the re-bonding only pertains to the shafts of hair that have been exposed to it. Any new part of the shaft will retain the original hair structure and would thus need to be touched up for you to have consistently straight, free flowing hair. Once you have re-bonded your hair, avoid exposing it to any kind of chemical treatments as they could severely harm the condition of your hair. You could also try approaching the salon that performed the treatment and ask them to repair any damage present.

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