My 6 months old son having chesty cough from last 3-4 days. What should I give him as home remedy for fast relief

Infants suffer from a variety of problems such as colic, coughs as well as heavy colds. Considering that your son is as young as six months, it should be a doctor’s checkup which should guide you to treat the chesty cough. There are plenty of ailments that can affect infants so young and a cough that lasts so long could imply a deeper problem. It is not usual for a chesty cough to go on for four days, but it is worth having the pediatrician take a look at him. A cough like this could be a sign of a bronchial problem and could later be accompanied by a cold or other such symptoms. A barking cough is something that all parents watch out for, because it is one of the indications of croup. It would be imprudent to simply treat the cough in the infant without paying attention to other possibilities. This is why a checkup would be the best course of action considering the fact that your son is so young. With adults and even in the case of children who are a little older, there are various home remedies which deal specifically with coughs. There are herbal teas and also the use of natural ingredients like Ginger and honey. These could all be used without worrying about safety. However, the digestive systems are different in one so young and such cough remedies might prove unwise. Furthermore, over the counter cough remedies, even those designed for children, are not considered prudent for infants.

One of the ways in which you could help the infant and this constant cough would be to prove him with water. However, the doctor needs to approve the amount of water that may be safely given to the infant. In most cases, this water would have to be administered with the use of a teaspoon rather than a bottle. In case the cough your infant has is viral in nature, there might be nothing to do but let the cough your infant is facing run its course. For the purposes of sleeping, your child might benefit from the use of a humidifier. As mentioned earlier, a doctor would need to be consulted to look over the little boy and see if there is anything else amiss. He or she could provide your son with the necessary treatment, such as antibiotics, depending on the nature of the cough.

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