Home Remedies for Cough in 8 Month Old Infant

Give him breast milk, but along with it you also need to help him to get rid of his cold and cough. Try the following home remedies to help your kid for the same -

  • Make a paste by mixing ½ tsp ginger powder in 1 tsp honey; give this paste 3- 4 times in a day. Add fresh holy basil juice for more effectiveness.
  • Encourage fluid consumption. Give him boiled water and maintain proper hygiene to boost his immune system.
  • Try different juices like orange juice, lemon water with honey, coconut water to change his taste. Although don't try everything altogether, the child would get confused and wont eat anything. You can even try few spoons of strained vegetable soups.
  • Avoid cold foods, cold water, fried foods, chocolates and candies completely as this would worsen the cough.
  • At night while sleeping use a humidifier in the room. This will help reduce the cold and cough and make his condition better.
  • Apply warm compresses on the chest of your baby to ease his congestion. Simply fill a flat small bottle with warm water, wrap in a cotton cloth and apply lightly on the chest.

answered by S P

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